Activity 2018 Impact Assessment - Future Generations Scholarships, Workshops


Having carried out consultations with recipients of the Future Generations Scholarships Fund, members of the project team based at the eScholarship Research Centre conducted two narrative analysis workshops to further investigate the impact of scholarships for recipients. These workshops involved the University of Melbourne's Chancellery Engagement Executive and Team Advancement Alumni and concentrated on sixteen high-quality stories of impact.


The central features of the Joining the Dots Pilot Project focused on consultations - involving the gathering of narratives of impact - and workshops for analysing these narratives. These substantive components were drawn from Dart and Davies (2003) Most Significant Change.

For the process of analysis and synthesis, a selection of half of the interviews from the consultation phase were taken to the narrative analysis workshops with key stakeholders. The research team led one sixty-minute workshop with the University of Melbourne's Chancellery Engagement Executive and one ninety-minute workshop with Team Advancement Alumni.

Stakeholder Workshops
At these workshops, the teams were asked to decide which of the interview transcripts were the most meaningful and why. Group discussion followed, and this discussion (recognised as a process of analysis and the articulation of priorities) was documented by members of the research team. The key points of synthesis from these meetings were then conveyed back to the Advancement and Engagement teams.

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  • McCarthy, Gavan and Wierenda, Ani, 'Impact Assessment Summary', in The Joining the Dots and the University of Melbourne Perpetual Calendar 2018 Project, Pilot Project Report December 2018, 2018. Details