This website - The University of Melbourne Perpetual Calendar - is the major output of the Joining the Dots Pilot Project (2018). The goals of the project include:

  • investigate the role, range, location and history of Future Generation Scholarships at the University of Melbourne, and conduct a deeper analysis of the impact that the scholarships have had on the University's community, and
  • demonstrate the capability and reach of a structured public knowledge resource and its potential to be an enduring record of the University of Melbourne's history and its impact on and contribution to public value.

The University aims to ensure this information, knowledge and associated stories are sustainable and accessible. This means they are available to everyone, are easy to navigate and digest and exist on a secure platform in a secure format. The University strives to balance these goals with the right to privacy and right to reply of individuals, communities, and organisations. It also aims to create a culturally safe environment that enriches and welcomes all those who choose to engage with this project. Any feedback you have is welcome and can be sent to the project manager, Ani Wierenga, email:

The project team includes digital archivists and data curators from the eScholarship Research Centre (ESRC). They report to the Joining the Dots Working Group, which is made up of representatives from Chancellery Engagement, Advancement and the Vice Chancellor's Office.

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Gavan McCarthy, Director
  • Dr Ani Wierenga, Project Manager
  • Rachel Tropea, Senior Research Archivist
  • Dr Sue Silberberg, Research Archivist
  • Liz Daniels, Research Archivist
  • Dr Julie Fenley, Research Archivist
  • Alannah Croom, Research Archivist