The University of Melbourne Perpetual Calendar is a resource to discover the history of the University and its contribution to public value.

In the past, the University Calendars were published annually from 1858 until 2009. They provided general and historical information about the University. The contents of the Calendars varied over the years, but they generally included a list of members, the statutes, regulations and resolutions under which the University operates and the formal records of each faculty’s constitution.

A good place to start exploring is at the University of Melbourne entry which represents the University as it is today (in 2018). Otherwise you could try a general Search:

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Photo Credit:
‘The Old Quadrangle at The University of Melbourne’. Sourced from an article by Gary Foley (2012): 'The Contrarian: Eugenics, Melbourne University and me', 19 March, Tracker via 'Around Campus' by the University of Melbourne on Pinterest, URL: . See archived version of the Gary Foley article in the Internet Archive WayBack Machine, URL: (accessed 16 August 2018).