Activity 2018 Impact Assessment - Future Generations Scholarships, Advancement Workshop (3 December 2018)

3 December 2018
3 December 2018

On 3 December 2018, a meeting was held with nine members of the Advancement management team and three members of the Joining the Dots Working Group. At this meeting a selection of seventeen Future Generations Scholarship interview transcripts were used to assess the meaning of these scholarships for recipients. For the Advancement team, story three demonstrated the most significant change, providing a student from a very low socio-economic position with assistance in undertaking a Law degree. The group also observed that in general the Future Generations Scholarships provided recipients with:
• A strong sense of a transformation.
• Points of giving back.
• A multiplier effect, allowing the students to move beyond the university and do things, and in so doing, empowering communities.
• A sense of impact that they had on the individual, 'if people don't have to work so hard, they can get their career going'.
• Psychological competence and validation.