Activity 2018 Impact Assessment - Future Generations Scholarships, Engagement Workshop (23 October 2018)

23 October 2018
23 October 2018

On 23 October 2018, a meeting was held with nine members of the Engagement management team and three members of the Joining the Dots Working Group. At this meeting a selection of seventeen Future Generations Scholarship interview transcripts were used to assess the meaning of these scholarships for recipients. For the Engagement team story thirty demonstrated the most significant change, provided a student experiencing financial difficulties with the ability to make the most of internship opportunities and encouraging a desire to give back to society. The group also observed some broad themes relating to the provision of the Future Generations Scholarships:
• It made possible things that would not be possible. This included finishing a degree, freeing up time for study or internships, and furthering career paths in a particular direction.
• It provided confidence and recognition: the scholarship imparted an emotional message as well as providing financial support
• It generated a sense of giving back, creating an expectation that recipients would make a contribution in the present or in future.