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'Opened in 1872, Trinity College was established as an affiliated residential college of the University of Melbourne as well as preparing theological candidates for ordained ministry in the Anglican Church of Australia.'


Trinity College was opened in 1872, and is the first University College established in Victoria. The present Warden was appointed in 1876, and shortly afterwards the College was affiliated to the University. Before the end of 1877 a large increase in the accommodation for Students became necessary, and new buildings were raised. The additional rooms thus provided were soon filled, and another wing erected by Sir W. J. Clarke and Mr. Joseph Clarke, and named in their honour " The Clarke Buildings," was occupied by Students in the July Term, 1883. Further additions were made in 1887. In addition to apartments for the Warden, Tutors, and Men Students, the existing buildings include a Chapel, a Dining Hall, a Chemical Laboratory, a Biological Laboratory, Lecture Room, Billiard Room, two Libraries, a Museum, a Students' Common-room, a Hostel for Women Students, etc. The College is intended to serve as a place of residence and education for University Students, of either sex, whether belonging to the Schools of Arts, Science, Law, Medicine, Engineering, or Music.
(University of Melbourne, Calendar 1907)

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