Academic Unit School of Electrical, Mechanical and Infrastructure Engineering


The School of EMI encompasses the Electrical, Mechanical, and Infrastructure Engineering Departments, recognising that engineered systems of present and future significance increasingly have connections to all three of these (and often beyond). For example, at the interface of our disciplines is where machines acquire autonomous capabilities (as in the development of self-driving cars) and such technologies in turn influence a host of challenges associated with city logistics, connected transport, and the challenges of Australia's urbanisation into the future.


The mix of capabilities within EMI positions us to develop innovative sensing solutions, communication technologies, energy grids, renewable energy technologies, manufacturing, construction and a host of defence related applications. Our vision is to translate excellence in engineering science into solutions that drive more rapid scientific research progress within EMI and, even more significantly, provide a strong foundation for external partnerships that improve quality of life locally, nationally and internationally.

The School of EMI recognises the importance of training graduate students who are job ready, and our strong partnerships with industry is fundamental to this. Together with academia, government and leading industry names, our projects engage students in real world, problem-based learning and offer experience with conducting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that aims to address some of society's critical problems. This ensures that a qualification from the School of EMI is both distinguishable and distinguished.