Organisation Medley Hall (1951 - )


Medley Hall is a non-denominational residential college owned by the University. The college is centred around two house, Benvenuta and Rosaville who were renovated and connected by the Public Works Department and the "Drummond Street Hostel", which first accommodated about a dozen students, came into operation under the direction of the Students' Representative Council in 1951. The SCR quickly found difficulties in running the hostel and requested help from the University Council in 1952.


The University Council took over the management of the Hostel in 1953 and the first Warden was appointed in 1954. A year later the hostel became Medley Hall, named after the recently retired Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Sir John Medley.

In 1969 women were admitted to residence, making Medley the first co-educational College of the University and in the same year, the neighbouring terrace at 52 Drummond Street was purchased. In 1970 an extension linking all three buildings was constructed which greatly increased Medley's capacity to accommodate students.

In 2011, an extensive refurbishment was completed which replaced the previous extension, linked all parts of the College with a new public space and upgraded the buildings to the highest standards of sustainability.

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