Role Visitor


The Visitor, a position which is held by the Governor of Victoria, was listed as an Officer of the University of Melbourne in the first University Calendar of 1858-1859.

According to the University of Melbourne Act 2009, the Visitor:

'(a) has ceremonial functions only; and
(b) has no powers, duties or functions with
respect to the resolution of disputes or any
other matter concerning the affairs of the
University, other than a matter involving the
exercise of ceremonial functions only.'


'The Governor, as Visitor to the University, was twice called upon to intervene in disputes between the Council and the Senate', once in 1871 and again in 1884.

Sources used to compile this entry: Chief Parliamentary Counsel, The University of Melbourne, Authorised Version No. 007: University of Melbourne Act 2009, No. 78 of 2009, The University of Melbourne, 15 October 2018,$FILE/09-78aa007%20authorised.pdf.

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