Regulations and Statutes UTR6.058 The Fred Walker Scholarship (1937 - )


In 1935 Mabel Ashton Walker of Harcourt Street, Hawthorn, bequeathed £1,335 to the University for the purpose of establishing 'The Fred Walker Scholarship' in memory of her late husband. 'The scholarship is open to competition at the annual assessment in Chemistry among candidates who, at that annual assessment, complete the course for the degree of Bachelor of Science but must not be held jointly with a Cuming Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry.' 'The scholarship is tenable in the department of Chemistry at the University on condition that the holder is enrolled or enrolling in the honours year of the degree of bachelor of Science, a research training program in the degree of master of Science or a postgraduate diploma in Science.' The scholarship was made a University regulation in 1937.

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