Regulations and Statutes UTR6.049 The James Cuming Memorial Scholarship (1930 - )

Memorial and Scholarship

The sum of £2,028.11s.10d. was donated to the University by members of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of establishing 'The James Cumming Memorial Scholarships' in memory of 'James Cuming, late Chairman of Directors of Messrs. Cuming Smith and Co. Pty. Ltd., and formerly president of the Chamber.' Each scholarship is 'open to candidates completing the final year of the course for the degree of bachelor of Science and must be awarded on the assessments in Chemistry of that year.' The scholarships are also 'to be awarded to students undertaking studies in the school of Chemistry who are enrolled in either a research training program in the master of Science, the postgraduate diploma in Science or the final year of the degree of bachelor of Science with honours.' The scholarship fund was made a University regulation in 1930.

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