Regulations and Statutes UTR6.046 Aitchison Scholarships (1928 - )


By his will, the late David Aitchison, late of 5 Pembridge Square Bayswater in the County of Middlesex England, bequeathed £10,000 to the University for the purpose of founding the 'Aitchison Scholarships'. Also by her will, Miss Eliza Cave Hickman bequeathed £3,000 to the University to add to the fund founded by David Aitchison. The income of the fund supports two annual scholarships, known as the 'Aitchison Scholarship' and the 'Aitchison Travelling Scholarship'. The scholarships are 'open to undergraduate students who have completed not less than one year of a degree course and who have demonstrated academic ability and who are in need of financial assistance'. The scholarship fund was made a University regulation in 1928.

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