Regulations and Statutes UTR6.041 Alwyn Stewart Memorial Scholarship (1926 - )

Memorial and Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Randal J. Alcock of Kooyongkoot Road Hawthorn, presented £1,000 to the University, in the form of Commonwealth 5% Inscribed Stock, for the purpose of founding a scholarship in memory of their nephew Major Cedric Alwyn Stewart, M.D., who was killed in the First World War at Borre, France, on the 28 April 1918 whilst attending to the wounds of a fellow officer. The 'Alwyn Stewart Memorial Scholarship' is 'open to candidates who have obtained honours at the final assessment in the course for the degrees of bachelor of Medicine and bachelor of Surgery and who are willing to undertake further scientific work with the object of improving their training for their profession'. The scholarship was made a University regulation in 1926.

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