Regulations and Statutes UTR6.024 Jessie Leggatt Scholarships (1909 - )


By her will, the late Jessie Leggatt of Daylesford bequeathed £1,000 to the University for the purpose of establishing the 'Jessie Leggatt Scholarship Fund'. Each 'Jessie Leggatt Scholarship' is awarded annually to 'candidates who are pursuing the course for the Juris Doctor degree and is to be awarded to the student placed first by the examiners' in the subjects of 'the Law of Obligations', 'the Law of Property' or 'the closest modern equivalent to Roman Law', such as 'subjects about civilian legal systems, comparative law and other subjects that have a strong civilian influence'. The scholarship fund was made a University regulation in 1909.


The Jessie Leggatt Scholarship was to be held for two years be persons between the ages of 16 and 23 who, at an annual examination of the University, should show the greatest knowledge in the subjects of Roman Law, the Law of Obligations and the Law of Property.

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