Regulations and Statutes UTR6.019 Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Fund (1905 - )


In 1905 'the sum of £1,053 17s. was subscribed for the purpose of founding a fund to be called the "Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Fund" and to be devoted to the provision of prizes and exhibitions at the University in connection with examinations conducted by the faculty of Economics and Commerce.' The annual income of the fund supports 'exhibitions to undergraduate students who achieve the highest marks in individual subjects offered by the faculty'. Any surplus income of the fund is used 'for further prizes or exhibitions in connection with examinations conducted by the faculty'. The fund was made a University regulation in 1905.


This scholarship is linked to the Faculty of Arts as the Faculty of Commerce was not established until 1925, and prior to this time Commerce was part of the Arts Faculty.

Sources used to compile this entry: UTR6.19 - Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Fund, Prizes, Exhibitions, Scholarships and Bursaries (UTR6): Gifts and Bequests, The University of Melbourne,

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