Regulations and Statutes UTR6.011 Hastie Exhibitions and Scholarship (1897 - )

Exhibition and Scholarship

By his will dated 23 January 1866, the late John Hastie gave his Trustees complete discretion on the death of certain named relatives, to pay the residue of his estate to a number of institutions, including the University of Melbourne. The University received the sum of £19,140 pursuant to the bequest and established 'The Hastie Exhibitions and Scholarship Fund'. The purpose of the fund is to award annually 'two exhibitions, each of which is called 'the Hastie Exhibition', to the two students who attain the highest overall results in two Philosophy subjects' and 'one or more scholarships, called 'the Hastie Scholarship', to the student/s placed in the first class honours list in the final year of the pure honours course in Philosophy'. The fund was made a University regulation in 1897 (University of Melbourne Calendar, 1975).

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