Regulations and Statutes UTR6.002 Shakespeare Scholarship (1865 - )


In 1863 a group of prominent citizens in the Colony of Victoria commenced an appeal to raise funds to commemorate the tercentenary of Shakespeare's birth the following year, principally by means of scholarships. In 1866 the University Council agreed to accept the £752 collected and to establish a scholarship in Shakespeare's honour, called the 'Shakespeare Scholarship'. The University contributed £248 to ensure the sum available to endow the scholarship was £1,000, the original aim of the citizens group.


In 1863 a group of prominent citizens in what was then the colony of Victoria raised funds to commemorate the anniversary of Shakespeare's birth. The amount of £752 was donated to the University and £248 was contributed by the University Council to establish the 'Shakespeare Scholarship'. The scholarship is awarded to the person who submits the best essay, in the opinion of the English department board of examiners, on the subject of Shakespeare. The scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts who are taking a second, third or fourth year English subject, and those qualified not more than one year previously for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in English. The scholarship was certified as University trust record in 2010.

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