Academic Unit University Extension Board (1890 - 1947)


In 1890, the barrister HB Higgins proposed to the Council that the University should offer lectures and classes in Victorian country towns along the lines of the 'extension' schemes that had been developing in English universities since the early 1870s. Edward Jenks, first Professor of Law and second Dean [1889-92], who had been an extension lecturer at Cambridge, took up the project with great zeal and acted as first secretary of the University Extension Board in 1891.

[B]eyond providing some opportunity for country students it was never considered a primary activity by the University which abolished the Board in 1947 and handed its functions over it over to the State to become the Council of Adult Education.
(University of Melbourne Archives, Key 30 University Extension Board 1891; 1917; 1947/Office for Continuing Education 1974/Canberra University College 1930)

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