Regulations and Statutes UTR6.294 The Corinna D'Hage Mayer String Scholarship (2011 - )


By his will dated 22 March 2005, the late Arthur James Mayer bequeathed half the residue of his estate to the University, establishing 'The Corinna D'Hage Mayer String Scholarship Fund' in memory of his wife the late Corinna D'Hage Mayer, violinist, who died in 1990. The fund supports each 'Corinna D'Hage Mayer String Scholarship' which are awarded to Australian born string students wishing to enrol for a course of advanced musical study. The scholarships are awarded 'on the basis of audition by outstandingly talented students of stringed instruments' as determined by the Corinna D'Hage Mayer String Scholarship Committee, which consists of the dean of the faculty, the director of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and the head of strings at the Conservatorium. The scholarship was made a University regulation in 2011.

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