Regulations and Statutes UTR6.251 The George Fairfax Memorial Award (2007 - )

11 September 2007
Award and Memorial


In 1996, the Victorian College of the Arts commenced an appeal to raise funds for the establishment of 'The George Fairfax Memorial Award' to honour the life of George Fairfax and his contribution to theatre arts in Victoria. The award was to be made every second year to an exceptionally talented graduate from the School of Drama of the College to provide them with the funds needed to realize their vision. The award was expressed to reflect the spirit and vision of George Fairfax who worked tirelessly to ensure Australia would have a thriving theatrical future.

From 1996 to 1999, approximately $200,000 was raised by the George Fairfax Memorial Committee on behalf of the College with significant support from the widow of George Fairfax, Vicki Fairfax, and his daughter, Kaarin. The money raised was used to establish a fund to be held on trust and invested by the College with the income from the fund to support the award. Major donors to the fund included CRA Limited (now Rio Tinto Limited), Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Pratt Industries and the family of the late George Fairfax.

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