Regulations and Statutes UTR6.239 The Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship (2007 - )

7 May 2007

From 1999 to 2003, substantial funds were raised by the Art Auction Committee of the Victorian College of the Arts chaired by Claude Ullin in connection with the 25th Anniversary Art Auction held on behalf of the College in 1999. The funds were raised to establish a fund to support scholarships for students of the College. From January 2000, the College applied the fund to award an annual scholarship, initially known as the 'Art Auction Scholarship', open to students entering any school of the College.


In 2003, the terms of the scholarship were revised to limit its application to postgraduate students in keeping with the original intentions for the fund. At the same time, the scholarship was renamed The Jim Marks Postgraduate Scholarship' to acknowledge the contribution made by Jim Marks to the College over many years, in particular as President of the Council of the College.

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