Regulations and Statutes UTR6.220 The Hector Maclean Scholarship Fund (2003 - )

3 March 2003

Mrs Joan Margaret Dickson of 16 Fairlie Court, South Yarra, Victoria who died on 15 April 2002 bequeathed 'To the University OF MELBOURNE the sum of SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($60,000.00) to be used by such University's Department of Ophthalmology as a scholarship fund for research students such fund to be known as the HECTOR MACLEAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND as a tribute to the work done by Dr Hector Maclean during the years he was resident in Melbourne.'. Dr Maclean was appointed First Assistant in the Department in 1976 and subsequently was Associate Professor (Clinical) until he retired in 2003.


The donor's husband, Mr Noel Dickson, arranged for the benefaction after being a patient in a clinical trial in the 1970s.

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