Regulations and Statutes UTR6.219 The Susan Eileen Mahon Scholarship (2002 - )

2 September 2002

Mrs Susan Eileen Mahon of Mount Herbert Estate, Kangaroo Flat, Victoria who died on 15 December 2001 bequeathed to the University 'The sum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ... I WISH the interest from my bequest and where necessary, the capital, to be applied to a scholarship to be awarded to a blind student enrolled in an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Music. The terms and conditions of the SUSAN EILEEN MAHON SCHOLARSHIP are to be determined by the University Council on the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty of Music.'


Mrs Mahon who was an Associate of the London College of Music at the age of 12 believed that the Conservatorium and subsequently the faculty of Music represented her ideal of the pinnacle of music. Since both the testatrix's mother and grandmother had gone blind and believing that she herself might go blind, she decided to establish a scholarship for a blind student.

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