Regulations and Statutes UTR6.086 Jeanette Kosky Prize (1952 - )


In 1950 Sol Kosky presented £1,000 to the University, establishing the 'Jeanette Kosky Fund' in memory of his wife. The fund supports the 'Jeanette Kosky Prize' which is awarded annually 'to the student who has done the most original work in the study of international relations' and, where students are otherwise equal, the prize is awarded 'to the student whose work does most to promote understanding and co-operation between nations.' One-third of the net annual income is also 'used from time to time to purchase books on international relations for the Baillieu Library' and such books are inscribed ' 'Purchased by the Jeanette Kosky Fund'. The fund was made a University regulation in 1952.

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