Regulations and Statutes UTR6.072 Lesser Awards (1873 - )

Award and Scholarship

This regulation was originally registered as 'R6.72 Commemorative Scholarships and Awards'. At some point since 2009 the name was changed to 'UTR 6.72 Lesser Awards'.

Since 1873 the University has been accepting donations for the purpose of endowing scholarships or prizes subject to the conditions set out in a schedule of prizes. This schedule includes almost 250 separate commemorative scholarships and awards, beginning with The Bowen Prize established in 1873.


The schedule of commemorative awards and scholarships includes only three prizes awarded before 1900: The Bowen Prize (1873), Professor Wilson Prize (1884), Dublin Prize (1892).
Prizes awarded in the first quarter of the twentieth century (1900-1924) included the Alexander Sutherland Prize, The Jamieson Prize, Professor Morris Prize, Laurie Prizes, William Sutherland Prize, Baldwin Spencer Prize, Bertram Armytage Prize, Alban C. Morley Prize in Commerce, Gyles Turner Prize, Hugh Childers Memorial Prize, Professor Nanson Prize, Maude Harrington Prize, The Robert Bage Memorial Scholarship, and The Francis J. Wright Exhibitions.
The second quarter of the century (1925-1949) saw the awarding of the following prizes: Kernot Memorial Medal, Liet Memorial Prizes, Lady Turner Prizes in Music; John Grice Research Prize, John Masefield Prize, The Ormsby Hamilton Radio Prize, D.J.M Rankin Prize, Enid Derham Prize, A.G.M. Michell Prize in Mechanical Engineering, Rosemarie Kenny Prize, The T.F. Ryan Prize for Anatomy, The T.F. Ryan Roentgen Prize, William J. Tuckfield Prize, Harold Cohen Prize, Cromarty Prize, The Murray Sutherland Prizes, Herman Lawrence Prize in Clinical Dermatology, Georgine Sweet Bursary in Social Studies, The Guy Bradshaw Scholarship, Brunning Prize for Plant Collection in Agriculture, John and Ann Gibson Prize, Arthur Sims Scholarship, The Harry Emmerton Law Scholarship, the J.R. Maguire Exhibition, The Renton Fund, Schubert Bursary, and the John Smyth Award. In total forty-four prizes were awarded before 1950.
Between 1950 and 1974 a further forty-eight (approximately) scholarships or prizes were awarded. The last quarter of the twentieth century saw a marked increase in the number of scholarships and prizes added to this list. Around one hundred and thirteen awards were added during this period. It should be noted that some prizes were not dated and the exact number of awards cannot be established.
In the first decades of the twentieth-first century, forty-one scholarship and prizes have been included to this list.

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