Regulations and Statutes UTR6.067 The John Balfour Memorial Research Scholarship (1945 - )

Memorial and Scholarship

Lewis John Balfour, Ella Nerrina Balfour, Phyllis Eyres Read and Beverley Eyres Balfour of Toorak in Victoria, donated £2,000 to the University for the purpose of establishing 'The John Balfour Memorial Research Scholarship' in memory of John Eyres Balfour, 'a sub-lieutenant of the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve and a bachelor of Electrical Engineering of the University'. The scholarship is awarded to 'a student enrolled in Engineering or Engineering Science at the University' with preference to be given to 'any student who is the daughter or son of a person serving, or who has served in the Royal Australian Navy, or the Royal Navy, or the Australian or British Merchant Navy'. The scholarship was made a University regulation in 1945.


The donors expressed a wish that 'the selected student should be helped throughout his course rather than for a short period' and that no woman should be eligible for an award.

On 31 October 2002 the Attorney General of Victoria made an Order concerning the terms of the gift that: 'The Scholarship be open for award to both men and women enrolled in Engineering or Engineering Science provided that preference be given to any candidate who satisfies the original conditions of the donors.'

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