Organisation Hawthorn International Education Ltd (2008 - )


In 1973 the Technical Teachers' College, Hawthorn changed its name to State College of Victoria at Hawthorn. With the passing of the Victorian Post-Secondary Education Act, the Hawthorn Institute of Education was proclaimed in 1982. Its international activities and offerings grew and over the years its enterprise experienced various name changes that reflected the particular focus at the time. These were: Overseas Projects Unit; The Commercial Unit; The Centre for International Teaching, Training and Development; Hawthorn International Education; Hawthorn Consulting Group and; International Projects Division. In 1986 the Hawthorn English Language Centre was established. It grew from the activities of an Indonesian-based project run by the Overseas Projects Unit of the Hawthorn Institute of Education. It became an official IELTS testing centre in 1989. The centre affiliated with the University of Melbourne in 1991 and later amalgamated with it in 1996.