Academic Unit Faculty of Agriculture (1906 - 1973)


The University Act of 1904 increased the Statutory Endowment to £20,000 a year for a period of ten years subject to certain conditions: the principal being the establishment of a School of Agriculture, the institution of Diplomas in Agriculture and in Mining, co-operation with the Schools of Mines and of Agriculture, the admission of 80 free students to the Agricultural and Mining Courses, and the appointment by the Government of three additional
members of the Council.
(University of Melbourne Annual Report 1904-1905)


in 1927 it is listed as the Faculty of Agriculture.
(University of Melbourne, Annual Report, 1927)

The Faculty is listed as a School of Agriculture in 1931. At this date it had secured government funding for a limited period.
(University of Melbourne, Annual Report 1931-1932)

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