Administrative Unit Convocation [1] (1924 - 1975)


The proposal to replace the Senate with a Convocation, comprising all graduates, had been made in 1913 by a Joint Committee of Enquiry appointed by the Council to look into the University's constitution and needs. The Joint Committee also recommended that Council membership be broadened, which was to have the effect of reducing the proportion of graduate representation, the Senate having elected 20 out of the 23 members. These and other changes were prescribed by the University Act of 1923.
(The Foundation Stone of the University of Melbourne).


Convocation could elect only 10 of the 31 members of Council. It could make its own standing orders, appoint its own Warden, and was to hold an ordinary meeting at least once a year with special meetings as required. To conduct business meanwhile it was to elect a Standing Committee which would report to it annually and at other times when necessary. The Standing Committee was to consist of the Warden, ex officio, as chairman, and not less than 40 other persons (the highest number actually elected has been 44) who must be members of Convocation but neither members of the Council nor solely or principally employed by the University.

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