Regulations and Statutes UTR6.007 The Wyselaskie Scholarship (1887 - )


By his will dated 14 December 1880, the late John Dickson Wyselaskie of Wickliffe, Victoria, bequeathed the sum of twelve thousand pounds to the University for the purpose of establishing the 'Wyselaskie Scholarships' in the subjects of mathematics, natural science, history, political economy, modern languages and logic. 'At the request of the executors of the will the sum of £8,400 was accepted by the Council in satisfaction of the bequests'. The sum was divided equally into six portions and each year a scholarship is awarded 'by Council on the recommendation of the dean of the relevant faculty… to the student awarded the highest mark in the scholarship subject in a year of the course determine by the faculty' (University of Melbourne Calendar, 2009). The scholarship fund was made a University regulation in 1887 (University of Melbourne Calendar 1980).


 1887 - UTR6.007 The Wyselaskie Scholarship
        Parker, Phillip A'Morley

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